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Resources by Orange

Raid Protection Timed Orange
Plugin Paid Raid Protection Timed 1.0.2 $15.00
Protects players from raid based on time
Item Bank Orange
Plugin Paid Item Bank 2.0.0 $15.00
Allows players to save items in "bank"
Debug Camera Block Orange
Plugin Free Debug Camera Block 1.0.0
Blocks using debugcamera on your server
Grenades Orange
Plugin Paid Grenades 1.0.0 $15.00
Add to your server new various type of grenades
Effect Menu Orange
Plugin Paid Effect Menu 1.0.3 $25.00
Allows you to check all effects/sounds in game with simple menu
Server Vendings Orange
Plugin Paid Server Vendings 1.2.0 $10.00
Allow players to trade with server
Extra Shopkeepers Orange
Plugin Paid Extra Shopkeepers 1.1.0 $15.00
Allows you to add extra shopkeepers on the map
Score Orange
Plugin Paid Score 1.0.5 $15.00
Adds visual score on top right corner
Helicopter Tiers Orange
Plugin Paid Helicopter Tiers 1.0.3 $15.00
Allows to set different tiers for helicopters or spawn specific tier
Plugin Free Save Lag Reduce 1.0.0
Reducing save lag spikes my manually calling save in plugins with intervals
Chat Responder Orange
Plugin Paid Chat Responder 1.1.3 $15.00
Send responces to players depends on triggers and block/whitelist words
Fast Ovens Orange
Plugin Free Fast Ovens 1.0.5
Make your ovens faster!
Phases Orange
Plugin Paid Phases 1.0.1 $15.00
Periods/phases with different configuration and special functions
Oxygen System Orange
Plugin Paid Oxygen System 1.0.1 $15.00
Oxygen system for MARS or other space servers
Cupboard On Map Orange
Plugin Free Cupboard On Map 1.0.0
Adding map markers for cupboards