Resources by Orange

Backpacks Orange
Paid Backpacks 1.3.8 $20.00
Get backpack for your items!
Auto Teleport Orange
Paid Auto Teleport 1.1.3 $15.00
Automated teleport accepting
Loadout Orange
Paid Loadout 2.3.1 $25.00
Allows players to save and receive loadouts (saved kits) with features
Sentry Turrets Orange
Paid Sentry Turrets 2.3.1 $15.00
Allow players to use sentry turrets from outpost
Loot Organizer Orange
Paid Loot Organizer 1.0.2 $15.00
Organize loot in your storages!
NPC Bases Orange
Paid NPC Bases 1.3.1 $25.00
Spawn bases for players to raid
Kits Orange
Paid Kits 1.2.4 $25.00
Better kits plugin
Update Checker Orange
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Free Update Checker 1.2.2
Checks information about plugin updates and notifying about outdated
Map Teleport Orange
Free Map Teleport 1.0.1
Teleport on in-game map
Clan Outfits Orange
Paid Clan Outfits 1.1.1 $15.00
Allow clan owners to change outfit for their clans (skins), that will be applied to all clan members
Fast Ovens Orange
Free Fast Ovens 1.0.1
Make your ovens faster!
Survey Manager Orange
Paid Survey Manager 1.3.0 $15.00
Allows you to set the values in quarry nodes and place pumpjacks
Hostile Marker Orange
Paid Hostile Marker 1.0.2 $10.00
Shows UI with time how long player will be hostile