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NPC Bases Orange
Paid NPC Bases 1.3.1 $25.00
Spawn bases for players to raid
Loadout Orange
Paid Loadout 2.3.0 $25.00
Allows players to save and receive loadouts (saved kits) with features
Kits Orange
Paid Kits 1.2.4 $25.00
Better kits plugin
Loot Organizer Orange
Paid Loot Organizer 1.0.1 $15.00
Organize loot in your storages!
2500 Size map with LaunchSite YGBHawk
2500 Size map with LaunchSite and roads connecting it.
Update Checker Orange
  • Featured
Free Update Checker 1.2.2
Checks information about plugin updates and notifying about outdated
Sentry Turrets Orange
Paid Sentry Turrets 2.3.0 $15.00
Allow players to use sentry turrets from outpost
Map Teleport Orange
Free Map Teleport 1.0.1
Teleport on in-game map