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No Outdoor Objects Orange
Despawn specific objects when they are spawned outside of cupboard range
Command for Note Orange
Plugin Paid Command for Note 1.0.0 $15.00
Give your playres notes with configurable text that they can copy (links, text, etc)
Recoil Recorder Orange
Plugin Paid Recoil Recorder 1.1.2 $50.00
Recoil recorder for training recoil or aimtrain servers
Blueprint Share Orange
Plugin Paid Blueprint Share 1.0.0 $15.00
Share blueprints with your friends and some features
Auto Giveaway Orange
Plugin Paid Auto Giveaway 1.0.0 $15.00
Giveaway things automatically or with commands on your server
Event Manager Orange
Plugin Paid Event Manager 1.0.5 $15.00
Control in-game events (plane, cargo ship, etc) with commands and extra features
Main Cupboard Orange
Plugin Paid Main Cupboard 1.1.1 $10.00
Runs various commands and removing building when cupboard was destroyed
Infinite Stock Orange
Plugin Paid Infinite Stock 1.0.2 $15.00
Making stock infinite on all vending machines and allows to buy more items at once
Demo Recorder Orange
Plugin Paid Demo Recorder 1.0.0 $15.00
Allows users to record demos without admin rights
Sentry Turrets Orange
Plugin Paid Sentry Turrets 2.3.7 $15.00
Allow players to use sentry turrets from outpost
Preset Teams Orange
Plugin Paid Preset Teams 1.0.2 $10.00
Setting player to specific team from config
Item Bank Orange
Plugin Paid Item Bank 2.1.1 $15.00
Allows players to save in-game items in virtual safe storages
Minigames GunGame Orange
Plugin Paid Minigames GunGame 2.0.1 $75.00
GunGame event for Minigames Mod
Minigames Arenas / Combat / Team Deathmatch Orange
Arenas/Combat/Team Deathmatch event for Minigames Mod
Minigames Core Orange
Plugin Paid Minigames Core 2.0.2 $30.00
Main component of all mini games