NPC Bases

Paid NPC Bases 1.3.1

Fixed when player was able to loot entities in base (turrets, etc) and take items from there, meanwhile he should not (report by @MarioMario )
Small other fixes
Most of plugin functions was fully tested and remade, now all must work properly
Made additional cleanup for zones/entities left
Adjusted entity detection mechanism
Changed filling of turrets and cupboard
Changed most of functions for position randomizing and checking

Fixed SpawnsDatabase not working
Fixed a lot of minor bugs
Added extended debug messages (for most of things)
Fixed some command issues
Fixed self destroy timers
Fixed couple command issues
A lot of optimizations
Fixed other issues with hooks
Fixed couple bugs with ownership
Fixed when bots was shot by shotgun traps or fire traps
Fixed CopyPaste (
Fixed spawning of NPC
Update is planned on today, please be sure all active issues described at
Added new check for base position (to prevent 1 npc base spawn on another on loading)
Fixed when AutoTurrets dropped loot (thanks for FP for updates!)
Added additional check for prevent dropping loot
Made new function for positions of NPC
Fixed flame turrets not shooting
Fixed some issues on unloading
Potentially fixed issue with SpawnsDatabase
Fix for zones/domes etc was not disappearing
Fix for guns in turrets
Fix for some of entities was able to pickup, thanks to Peter!
Made loot filling in turrets and cupboard more secure
Added ability to disable config entries
Added ability to limit maximal amount of bases with same type
Fixed when not all of objects was detected as base parts
Fixed when markers/zone/dome/etc was not disappeared properly
Added more debug messages
Fix for Zone Manager errors
Added a lot of new variables and changed config a lot, WIPE REQUIRED

Removed chat command (still can be used in game with F1)
Added more messages on commands
Added option "random" to command (Ex: npcbases spawn random)
Fixed all issues with containers and loot (now it will be more secure)
Fixed when loot from chests was removed
Added more checks for positions
Fixed some bugs with code locks
Added ability to use Spawns Database
Added ability to use Zone Domes

Now if there are players nearby base global and raid destroy will be delayed for 10 mins every time
Added more debug messages
Optimized code
Added ability to use any zone flags
Fixed issues with bots and kits (and weapons)
Fixed when some entities was not refreshed (Ex: code locks, cupboard, turrets, etc)
Fixed base despawn after raid

There are a lot of other changes and fixes that i doesn't remember...
Not recommended to use plugin after last rust update (there are some issues that i need to check in near days)
Wait for 1.1.8 version please