Plugin Paid Loadout 2.4.0

Fixed language bug error
I am not sure whats changed in that loadout version, so please be prepared for config corruption or data wipe
Fixed when chat output was wrong (things was not counted as blocked)
Fixed when ammo and attachments had wrong category and not listed in blocked
Fixed couple bugs with permissions cache
Fixed couple other issues
Fixed when ammo in weapons was not saved properly
Small fix for saving loadout
Fixed when item contents was still saved
Fixed when default loadout was not saved properly
Removed debug console messages
Removed useless permissions "loadout.get" and "loadout.save"
Changed config file (CONFIG wipe required)
Added ability to set can set/get loadout for every permission group
Moved default loadout to data file (you still can set it with command)
Changed data structure (version 2), you can use command "loadout covert" to move old data files into new one
Optimizations and small fixes
Changed counting and saving functions
Fixed when loadout was not re-setted after chanhing permission group
Made restrictions setup more simple and user-friendly
Added new language system (LANG wipe required)
Some bugfixes
Command "/loadout default" is back
Changed language structure a bit (new system)
A lof of bugfixes
Fixed wrong work of resetting default loadout of changing permission group
Fixed wrong work of some loadout saving/loading issues
Fixed not working cache
Fixed bug with resetting defalut loadout to last permission group (happened every time)
Added items count check on loading data file (to give default loadout if its empty)
Added new config option to prevent resetting loadouts on changing premission group