Plugin Paid Kits 1.3.7

Fixed issue when kits was working only once
Update and language fix
Extended close area in main menu
Fixed when kit was not showing amount of items on creation
Removed auto-kit messages (if kit is marked as API)
Couple API fixes
Couple new API functions for comparability
Added option to enable/disable UI if it was installed
Added option to bypass checks for admins
Added option to check for free space
Couple small language fixes
Added couple API fixes to work with plugins like Arena, etc
Fixes for strange data behavior (again)
Fixes for problems with loading icons sometimes (Image Library API improvement)
Small optimizations
Fixed small issue with wrong saving
Fixed when preview image was not loaded (Report by: @paulsimik )
Moved images loading to core plugin
Added ability to show days for block or cooldown (use {d})
Couple other tweaks
UI Preview is back (in UI plugin)