Item Bank

Plugin Paid Item Bank 2.1.4

Minor bugfix for item saving
Added back opening random bank on /bank and /bank any
Added more safer items save mechanism (to prevent disappering in future)
Added ability to open other player banks with /bank NAME NaMeOrId (requires permission)
Few logic fixes and other improvements

Fixed ui message showing {name}
Added command to convert old banks (/bank old)
Added command to wipe all banks by name
Added ability to players to open bank if they don't have permission, but have items inside it (they will be unable to put items there, only take)
Fixed couple data bugs
Added message on opening bank (ui)
Fixed whitelist/blacklist working a bit wrong
Added UI message when moving item to bank was blocked
Added whitelist/blacklist
Added max stack size option for bank
Added support for different capacity for each bank based on permissions
Fixed when player was able to duplicate item if bank was opened and plugin was unloaded
Added multiple banks support
Removed cooldowns support
New config
New data
New lang
Full recode
Improved items saving mechanism, now its perfect!
Removed useless hooks and optimized performance

Update sponsor: ThePitereq
Added ability to see other people's banks (check docs)
Plugin optimizations
Config-file changed
Custom version of NTeleportation now doesnt needed

Code optimizations
Code cleanup
Added blacklist
Added ability to move items with right-click
Added storage based on in-game mechanics (fix to all potential bugs/duplicates possible in future)