Island Wars

Map Paid Island Wars 2.4

Basic Requirements
Rust Edit DLL (Click on me)

You need to download RustEdit dll file and place in your Managed folder

HDRP Ready.

Monuments Included:
All of them.

Size: 6000
Land Mass: 4500ish
Buildable Land Mass: 2500-3000
Prefab Count: 16460

Awesome PvP map for medium to high pop servers. NO building is allowed in the center island. Forcing all players to find a way to survive on the outer islands, this focuses PvP to the middle of the map, making encounters while looting much more likely. This also means the players will more than likely have loot on their person, making combat far more intense.

There is now also a green card desk outside the main entrance of the underground system in the middle of the main island and an Oxham's gas station. This was added in the 1.1 update thanks to feedback suggesting it was hard to get hold of one.

Both Oil Rigs are near the shore meaning shots WILL be heard by other players when engaging.
The Dome overlooks Giant Excavator, making for a great counter position.
The underground has entrances on the main islands, this should mean players might meet each other while down there as there is only one station on the main island.

I wish you and your players many happy battles on this map

Any issues join my Discord and report them, my response times and fix times are very good, just ask people in the Discord if you want reassurance before buying.
Discord Link:

If you want players to be able to build on the middle island just remove the "Building Prevent Cubes" from the map. I doubt they will find many places other than the shore line anyway given how tightly packed the monuments are.




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