Dome with Cage and Green Card Puzzle

Prefab Paid Dome with Cage and Green Card Puzzle v5

Forces players to start the dome from the bottom and work up. Fuse and card reader are on the natural way up the dome. Players should not get confused with the puzzle, it's designed more to force them to climb each stage.

Choppers can land on the roof, but the puzzle still needs completing.

1st update: Added more fences below the walkway blocking players from just crawling under! (Update not shown in images below)

2nd update: Added a path to the hackable crate that lands on the roof. (Shrunk the pillars to the height of the scaffolding, *this is not shown in all images only the main image.)

Dome fuse box.pngDome green swipe key.png1612541752598.png1612541802817.png
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