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    CraftPlus integration

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    Plugin Paid Auto Locks - Update 1.0.3

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    Reported content: Resource update in 'Plugin - Alerts Plus | Raid Alerts'

    Does your server have Rust+ working? And your phone is connected to your server?
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    issued with Secure Chest

    Hi. I will take a look on that problem. A lot of things changed in rust last few months
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    Plugin Paid Custom Map Name 1.0.0

    Allows you to change map name in server search BEFORE: (image) AFTER: (image)
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    Sentry Turrets

    Hello, i am not sure but i think its mostly AutoTurretAuth error. I can't tell you without source code of AutoTurretAuth
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    Plugin Paid Specific Blueprint Wipe - Update 1.1.3

    Fix for one of blueprint updates that broke functionality
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    Plugin Remove

    I will add that option for developers
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    Plugin Upload Fund

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    Plugin Upload Fund

    Once a few weeks you can message me to get payed out
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    Sentry Turrets Lose Ammo "Unapproved"

    Hey, i was noticed about that problem before. I will take a look on that on next update
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    Reported content: Resource update in 'Plugin - Building Upgrade'

    Плагин использует пермишены, ты их не выдал. Они есть на странице плагина
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    Plugin Upload Fund

    Start with uploading plugin first, its too early for you to talk about moving money out
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    container settings broken for me

    You can try to install on 1 of servers. But as i said there are nothing that should despawn boxes
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    CraftPlus - option to adjust Display Name and description size?

    Great idea, that will be added in next update!