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Solved heli tier issue

"Affect regular helicopters": true,
"Select random tier if no tiers was affected by chance": true,
"Values": [
"Shortname": "tier1",
"Enabled": true,
"Display name": "Better Helicopter",
"Broadcast in chat": true,
"Chance": 100.0,
"Health": 20000,
"Main Rotor Health": 1600,
"Second Rotor Health": 1600,
"Bullet damage": 30.0,
"Max speed": 30.0,
"Crates to spawn minimal": 6,
"Crates to spawn maximal": 6,
"Instant crates unlock": true,
"Protect spawn position": false,
"Spawn on specific positions": false,
"Specific positions": [
"x": 0.0,
"y": 0.0,
"z": 0.0
"x": 100.0,
"y": 0.0,
"z": 100.0

i did try get it to work but it would not and have see on the post to it it dosent work with norml helis on custom spawns