Guide 1: Resolving problems with plugins

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Sometimes all of us get problems with different plugins. They are working not as we want, or not as it must Problem can be in different sides, most of them with solutions will be defined below.

First of all, check your console for errors. After you check that - type command o.plugins and be sure plugin is loaded

Some of plugins need permissions to work. If your plugin is not working, first check that you have permissions for it.

As usual permissions are stored on the plugin page, in worst case you can open .cs file and explore it for them.
After you found permissions, you need to give it to yourself


Full guide about permissions is guide here Click On Me

You can check your existing permissions by console command user <name or steamID>
Plugin can work wrong because of config, try to remove it (unload plugin first)

Some plugins have strange configurations (Ex: You need to enable plugin with config value)

If you have problem with corrupted configurations, i can recommend you to use JSONLint

Extra guide about configurations is here Click On Me
Plugin can work wrong because of data, try to remove it (unload plugin first)
If your plugin still works wrong follow that steps:
  1. Remove plugin from plugins folder
  2. Remove plugin files (Lang, Config, Data)
  3. Restart server (Optional)
  4. Load plugin again
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