Solved Chat Responder Multiple Triggers, Multiple Responses

I mentioned this to you directly Orange and you said you'd add it, but figured I'd document it to help you keep track.

Having multiple text triggers would help simplify the config.

Example. The following phrases would all trigger information about the server's wipe schedule
  • when is wipe
  • when wipe
  • wipe blueprints
  • map wipe
Having multiple random responses that could be triggered from the text triggers would make it more life-like

Example: The following responses would be triggered from above
  • Wipes are every day on 12:00
  • The server wipes every day at midnight
  • We wipe 12 AM every night
  • Every night at midnight the server wipes
This enables the responder to be configured so that responses are more fluid and fit every possible scenario when people respond. You can technically handle the multiple triggers now, but you have to copy the same response over and over.
One thing you may want to consider, not sure if it would make it easier for you, but it would likely make it easier for admins - is to have the trigger look for words instead of phrases.

For instance, here's an example of what I mean.

"TriggerWords": [

This can make it easier to create multiple situations where the response could be useful. If I created phrases instead of keywords, it would require me to set many more triggers.

If all the words in a set are found in the text, then the trigger is true and response is provided.

Just a thought.