Update Checker

Plugin Free Update Checker 1.4.2f

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Reduced amount of discord messages, now it will send discord messages only if there are something new (preventing duplications)
Small optimizations
Other small improvements
Fixed problems with discord messages was sent one by one symbol
Adding checking plugins by supported games (better matching)
Improved messages layouts
Improved plugin stability
Improved grabbing last plugin updates
other optimizations and fixes
Removed spamming in console/logs when discord webhook was default
Small fixes and improvements
Added plugin versions V2 support
Note: Versions of Update Checker below 1.3.0 will stop working in 3 days, i highly recommend to update plugin
Fixed error when updating plugin list (new system was implemented)
Fixed when message about outdated plugins was not sended
Fixed problem L1
Now, finally, updates will be pulled automatically every 60 mins! Congrats!

P.S. In the past i made all of that manually by my own hands with random interval
Fixed issue with wrong name checking (Reported by @BinqDesign)
Tried to make sending messages with more than 2k symbols. Let me know if it works wrong