Plugin Paid Backpacks 1.4.0

Not encrypted version
Fixed couple minor bugs
Added new variables for config and lang file (some of them changed, be careful)
Added ability to change backpack name in lang
Some optimizations
Made commands to open backpack also console type
Additional update to prevent players losing backpacks
Fixed last update bug with wrong "action" handling
Added ability to open backpacks from command (set up in config)
Fixed color in name issues
Reworked blacklist system
Now backpacks must stay on corpses
Bug fixes
Added fix for possible backpacks de-spawning in inventory
Performance optimizations
Added delay to prevent issues with plugins like Loadout
Added config option to limit 1 backpack per container (or player)
Fixed when limiting to one backpack doesnt worked
Fixed when backpack despawned on death
Removed debug message
Fixed bug when permissions cache was not cleaning properly
Fixed language file issue
Fixed other things
Added command for players to receive backpacks
Fixed when player without permission was unable to see items in backpack
Added config option to limit 1 backpack per player
Added ability to spawn with backpacks on respawn