Loadout: Ammo/Skins | Unapproved

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Would it be possible to add these features?

1. Add a configuration list/whitelist for ammo allowed to be saved in guns, but not ammo amounts. This list is then to be excluded from the shortname exclusions. For example, a whitelist for gun ammo where we could include rifle ammo (and HV), but not fire ammo in guns, and also not in the loadout (if ammo is excluded by shortname. It's hard to guess how many guns people will save and the ammo required. With excess ammo saved in the main loadout, it can be used to recycle for gunpowder ETC.

2. Add a whitelist for skins which trumps the blacklist. If you set the default loadout with skins and you want to allow non VIPs to save loadout, the skins on the default loadout will be lost, meaning that simple gun order change will default them back to the standard rust outfit.