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Items Move to Backpack

I believe I asked my question above poorly, and in the location. Please let me retry:

Is it possible to allow interaction between the backpack and inventory? This only can occur if you have both the inventory and the backpack open.

  • Allow for a button “ Move Inventory to Backpack “
  • When button is pushed, this button first scans Inventory for any stackable items that already exist in the Backpack, and moves them there adding the inventory quantity to the stackable count of that existing item in the Backpack.
  • It then starts over. Scanning items in Inventory from the beginning, moving that inventory item to the next empty slot in the Backpack as long as the item is not on the blacklisted list. When the last empty slot of the backpack is filled it responds with a message “xx items moved to backpack (or inventory)”.
  • Allow for a second button “Move Backpack to Inventory” An interface has been suggested, but please use your choice of font, button graphics and button color and size.