Information For Developers and Content Creators

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    Because of several problems right now only CRYPTO payments allowed, please read guide below

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Requirements to developers
First of all you need to contact category administrator and pass the test
After passing the test you will be added to devleoper group and will be allowed to add your resources

Uploading Rules
  • Only safe content (no security leaks, etc)
  • All screenshots/videos should be uploaded to other hostings (youtube/imgur) and linked from there
  • All resource fields should be filled if its possible (commands, configs, etc)
  • On resource page should be added "help" button with invite link to your discord
Prices and fees
Website fee is 10% right now
PayPal fee is 5-10% right now (0.5$ - 2.5$)
You will get from sale: Resource Price - PayPal fees - Wesbite Fee
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