Backpacks+Craft Plus.. not sure exactly where the issue lies... I think backpacks but im not sure.
Issue is I have 3 levels of backpacks.
12 slot - small backpack
36 slot - large backpack
42 slot - VIP backpack

each one has there own crafting recipe in craft plus and each slot set has there own permission in backpacks.

My issue is players can craft a small backpack but get a large backpack as thats the higher slot permissioned backpack for the lesser materials.
Default player group can make both large and small backpacks.
Small backpack is set to need 30 cloth to craft
Large backpack is set to need 120 cloth and 5 sewing kits

players use 30 cloth and get large backpack while only consuming mats of a small backpack.

Now if a VIP makes a backpack (50 wood) and gives it to a normal player the normal player gets a large backpack... then if the normal player tosses the backpack back to the VIP its 42 slots again. I have also found a bug where if a VIP fills all 42 slots of his VIP backpack and tosses it to a player the backpack has all 42 slots until the default user removes the items and the backpack UI refreshes.