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NPC Bases

NPC Bases 1.2.5


Orange submitted a new resource:

NPC Bases - Spawn bases for players to raid

Spawn saved bases on random positions in the world!

  • Automatically spawns bases (manually or by timer)
  • Ability to set different base designs (from CopyPaste)
  • Ability to set infinite ammo in turrets (just place turret in building)
  • Add defenders to base
  • Block teleports near base
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Orange updated NPC Bases with a new update entry:

Update 1.1.7

Code optimizations and refactoring
Fixed some common bugs
Fixed all ownership issues (codelocks, bags, etc)
Fixed issues with Zone Manager (when zone was moved when same base was spawned)
Made new logic for self-destroy (now player need's to destroy XXX building parts and they timer will start)
Fixed wrong check for buildings nearby spawn position
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How are the updates coming on NPCBases? You told me an update would come around Monday now Saturday did something go wrong?