Delayed Support


Welcome, Workshopers!

For last few weeks (or maybe month) i am feeling myself not good (headcaches, etc). Across with bad management and greatly increased amount of plugin orders and messages it affected some people that got bad service.
All people that was affected and got troubles from possibly bad service or delays within last few weeks - please let me know so we can do something about that and i will do something for you.

I am planning to get medical help in frames 23 April - 1 May (~7 days), so i will be away most of that time. After i will come back home i will start slowly getting back to work. Most of submissions will be handeled within a 7-14 days or get refunded

What will be temporary unavailable:
  • refund submissions
  • new plugin updates
  • new plugin releases
  • some of services
  • applying new developers/staff
  • new submissions for paid server maintaince

What will be available:
  • plugin fixes
  • servers with paid maintaince