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Backpacks 1.3.5

in one container is true
but if u have 3 container u can put 1 backpack each container that means every box has extra +12(if u use perm size 12) (-1 from backpack) spaces for items
Correct !
Just disable people prom putting their Backpacks in boxes and everything should be fine ! Putting backpacks in boxes are to OP in my opinion. Plus if you leave people put their backpacks in the boxes and they want to leave their base because it's getting raided or something, they can only take one making the other ones useless!


There should be an option in the config to prevent that !
"Can be placed in a chest": false,
"Only one in container (or player)": true,
there already are
you can put a backpack in every single box like 5 boxes + my inventory i have 6 backpacks any way to fix that?
If you have ideas - i am listening. Check all base parts + all containers in base is not the best idea
Hello - I purchased this after the latest update excited to make the switch from the one on umod. Then I noticed it's the same name for the plugin... Will it cause a conflict if I try to load both of them at once? Do I have to wait til wipe to make the switch?