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    FastOvens: Charcoal Multiplier

    Hi, I'm happy with the smelting side of things, though someone else did raise an issue in January about speed. It looks to me like the charcoal multiplier isn't working. { "Work with campfires": true, "Stop burning food": true, "Charcoal multiplier": 10000, "Rates": { "wood": 1...
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    Loadout: Ammo/Skins | Unapproved

    Hello, Would it be possible to add these features? 1. Add a configuration list/whitelist for ammo allowed to be saved in guns, but not ammo amounts. This list is then to be excluded from the shortname exclusions. For example, a whitelist for gun ammo where we could include rifle ammo (and HV)...
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    Heli Health - New plugin suggestion

    Suggestion: Plugin to control the health of the attack heli There's a bloated (but no doubt decent) heli plugin on another site. It would be nice to have a simple heli health plugin that works with timed events. The vanilla heli is very easy to take down.
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    Loadout - Ignore ammo in weapon

    Hi Orange, could you add a config setting to 'ignore ammunition amount in weapon'? Or something similar, but tie it in with "Restriction by shortnames". The reason/scenario is that it would be good to be able to save some ammunition types but not others and also not allow people to save extra...
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    Solved Loadout: No loadout upon save

    Hey, Testing the new loadout version it doesn't appear to be working as intended. When running /loadout default default.loadout, i get the correct success message but when respawning I get the following: Also happens if I reduce cache to 5 and use /reset If you want me to test any fixes...
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    Remove: Not maintaining damage on removed items

    Hey, Tried various items but when removing an item that has damage, it's returning with full health. Tried on another server with minimal plugins and same behaviour. Also it would be good to suppress what appears to be the in-game message about repairing an item that was recently damaged when...
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    Remove: Config options

    Hi, Would it be possible to add one or both of the following? 1. Restrict removal of damaged building blocks: This is good for modded servers where those being raided will not be able to remove/replace building blocks making them full health again. Raidblock only covers x amount of time...
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    Solved Fast Ovens - Smelt multipliers

    Hey, bit of a feature request. Would it be possible to increase the output of charcoal? This plugin is ideal for modded servers and with the smelt being fast, they'll need to have furnace farms just for charcoal so it would be nice to increase the output of that too.
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    Solved Loadout | reset issue

    There's an issue with the Loadout plugin requiring a user to type /reset whenever they change between permission groups. VIP is added/removed via the various payment providers now days so users are unlikely to reset themselves.