Turret Tweaks

Plugin Paid Turret Tweaks 1.3.0

* Added support for Always Lootable Turrets
* Rewrite the support functions for Powerless Turrets when Infinite Ammo is enabled
* Fixed exploits with Turrets by being able to loot them when they were booting
* Added a chat message telling the players they can't loot a turret/samsite with Infinite Ammo
* Improved the game mechanics for Infinite Ammo Turrets/Traps
* Removed the weird noises made by Turrets
- Compatibility with Always Lootable Turrets
- Exploits/bugs fixed for infinite ammo
- Added turret limit per player (available for all of them) // Explanation: If VIP has 4 turrets with 5000HP, the rest of them will have default values.
- Optimized overall performance
- Config file now generate 2 types of permissions. (default and vip) // Unlimited permissions supported

Explanation for this feature update

  • Our update has a more interesting and playful approach. Because giving VIPs buffs for turrets, we decided to let you set how many of those turrets should have DIFFERENT values and the rest to be default.
  • Limiting the entity means adding a lot of code to our plugin which might load your server more than we want. That's why we decided to make the plugin work with EntityLimit. You just have to set the limits in EntityLimit config file like I did.