Rusty Nut's Casino

Prefab Free Rusty Nut's Casino V3

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Basic Requirements
Rust Edit DLL (Click on me)

You need to download RustEdit dll file and place in your Managed folder

This Prefab has been in the work's for a few day's now and its finally done!

Rusty Nut's is the place to be for all your gambling need's,
it offer's mountable stool's at the bar, mountable seats at the booth's
a stage for all those top notch performance's plenty of table's for playing card's
and plenty of slot machine's.

There are 2 tables with spining wheels they can be used as roulette tables

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V3 update coming out when the new dlc drop's
Stage will have working mic + speakers
Stage will also have boom box that connects to speakers so owners can play music in the casino
Trees will be added to the outside as well as a helipad & parking lot


Underground Area
Better Signs
Adding Trees / grass

If you find any bugs please let me know!
If you have any suggestion's please let me know!

First release
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