Crystal Mine - Solo Monument

Prefab Paid Crystal Mine - Solo Monument 1.3

This will break after the HDRP update. It might get remade.
A nice way to get in to a cave, players must climb down the shipping containers to reach the bottom of the pit. Once there, they will find a door way leading in to a fantasy cave system with a cave lift at the end. This is a nicely compact and simple prefab with no electrics to go wrong.

I would place loot in the cave or at the bottom of the pit. This prefab comes with NO set loot spawns, this is because placing loot in a prefab for sale could make something unbalanced on someone else's server. If you want help with anything like how to place loot please ask and I will help you out.


cave 2.pngcave 3.pngCave.pngDoor.pngHole.pngTop down.pngup.pngwag.png
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