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Plugin Paid Containers Manager 1.0.3

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• containersmanager.managechests - to use "(fni) command"
• containersmanager.managelockers - to use "(sfnl, lfnl) commands"
• containersmanager.managetanks - to use "(fnt) command"
• containersmanager.itemsduplicator - to use "(dhi) command"

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/fni <amountofstack> <amountinstack> - fill the nearest chest with player held item | (Ex : /fni 3 150)
/sfnl- save the content from the nearest locker | (Ex : /sfnl)
- load the "content" of saved locker into the nearest locker | (Ex : /lfnl)
/dhi <amountofstack> <amountinstack>
- duplicate the player held item | (Ex : /dhi 2 327)
/fnt <fluidtype> <fluidlevel>
- fill nearest tank with entered fluid type and level | (Ex : /fnt water 2500)

See "Commands 2.0" to get more explainations.

Commands 2.0
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/fnt <fluidtype> <fluidlevel> - fill the nearest tank with specified fluid type and specified fluid level
Fluid Type : (water, saltwater)
Fluid Level : (0 or lower) will clear the tank and higher will fill the tank with specified fluid level.

If you still don't understand don't worry watch the videos below.

Containers Manager is a plugin to manage containers. So you can manage (Ex : Chests, Tanks, Lockers, etc).

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