Anti ESP

Plugin Paid Anti ESP 1.3.2f

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Plugin was fully rewritten
New visibility check logic
Now boxes are not blinking
New whitelist logic
Performance improvements
Small patch for message spamming
More optimizations
Now if player saw object once, he will always see it
Now launching plugin is more smooth for FPS
Fixed issues with force refresh
Fixed issues with white-list (team + friends)
Fixed command not working
Added more information in command
Some optimizations
Added command "antiesp.perf" (use it if your server fps is low and send to me)
Changed visibility function, now it must work better
Added new config options (additional checks count, performance mode)
Some code cleanup
Added option to ignore admins
Fixed when player saw objects on teleporting/respawning near
Fixed when items disappeared even player saw that box
Owner, friend, team members now isn't affected for anti-esp (they always see boxes)
Added blacklist
Added new video