Anti ESP

Plugin Paid Anti ESP 1.3.2f

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Improved functionality of /antiesp command (now it saves information in data folder instead of player screen)
Changed perf file location
Fixed small problem with hiding offline players (error)

If your players have any kind of problems tell them to run /antiesp command on place where they can't see box and send me files from folder ..//oxide//data//AntiEsp as ZIP Archive please
Added performance monitoring for ESP obects (data/AntiEsp.json)
Added extra check for removing esp protection when player wakes up from sleeping
Added separate config option for boxes/ovens/cupboards (disabled by deafult)
Don't forget to inspect config file after update!
BIG optimisation patch
New system for visibility checks management
Fixed strange situation when player was unable to place cupboard closer than 50m from different cupboard
Small optimizations
As always with any issues - make a topic and use command /antiesp
Made report message looking better
Fixed when adding entity by shortname in blacklist was not working
Added command for debugging (/antiesp), its sending information can player see object or not. Please send output of that command if players get troubles with visibility
Now instead of affecting all storages it affects only boxes and ovens (if not blacklisted)
Removed debug option from config
Some small improvements and optimizations
Fixed that players was not able to see items behind shop front
Stability fixes
Error fixes
Added extra checks for boxes visibility
Added fixes for owner objects visibility
Fixed issue when some objects was not sending updates (opening lock, launching furnace)